What are reviews?

Customers leave reviews to share their opinions about a particular tour or activity they experienced.

After you complete a tour or activity, you'll also have the opportunity to leave feedback about your experience. We'll send you an email asking you to review the tour organizer's service and the activity itself.

Of course leaving a review is totally optional. But feedback from past participants helps people get a real sense of what the
activity is all about.
Please remember reviews should only reflect your experience on a tour or activity. They should not evaluate the GetYourGuide booking process and service, nor should they be used to request a refund. If you have feedback about GetYourGuide or need a refund, please contact us http://www.getyourguide.com/contact using our online form. We're always looking for ways to make our service even better for you.

GetYourGuide reserves the right to remove a review for the following reasons:
the review contains profanity, racism, religious discrimination, etc
the review contains advertisements, spam or links to other websites
the review is about the GetYourGuide booking process or service
the review is intended as harassment or simply to damage the tour or activity organizer's reputation
the review is for a different activity or booking
the customer provides invalid contact information on their booking and can not be reached prior to the tour
the customer contacts GetYourGuide and requests, in writing, that their review be removed
the customer made a mistake (for example, the text is positive but the star rating is negative) and requests, in writing, to edit or remove their review
GetYourGuide has provided incorrect information about the tour/activity/service

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